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04 May 2016

Catching Up

What's this? An update?! I know, I's been a while. I'm feeling motivated, don't kill my vibe.

I finally got around to take some photos of a few recent-ish makes. For our fifth wedding anniversary (June 2015), my husband gave me a new Nikon camera! While I really wanted to take photos with my fancy camera, the battery is dead and my motivation to document things is starting to fade. You're stuck with iPhone photos, sorry!

I went a little crazy making Emery dresses. I've made a total of five with several more in my queue. I spent a very, very long time adjusting the pattern, trying to wrap my brain around the science of pattern making (it is a science, right?). I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but I made a total of 12 bodice muslins over a year and a half before everything finally clicked. The first three dresses are alright, but the last two are GREAT!

Emery #1 has already made an appearance on this blog during MMM15.

Emery #2 aka "Portland Dress." I made this for our vacation to the Pacific Northwest last summer and boy do I love it (and boy is it starting to show). I used Cotton & Steel's Moonlit Tangrams in Navy. The bodice is unlined with just red bias tape finishing off the neckline.

Emery #3 was made from Cotton & Steel's Black & White Mini Squares fabric and is lined with black kona cotton. I also made this for our Pacific Northwest vacation last summer, but tried finishing it three hours before we needed to leave for the airport. I was almost done installing the zipper when my 95+ year old neighbor pounded on my door because she had fallen and really hurt herself. Helping little old ladies always comes before sewing.

Emery #4 was made from this awesome Alexander Henry fabric called Resting in Roses. I feel like such a badass in this dress.

Emery #5 was made from Cotton and Steel's Picnic Rose Garden. I love, love, LOVE this dress!

I doubt you can tell, but I really love Cotton and Steel's fabrics, especially when paired with the Emery. I think the Emery is the perfect canvas for showcasing awesome fabric.

Next, I jumped on the M6696 shirtdress train and made two. Well, almost made two (both need buttons and buttonholes). Two bodice muslins and several adjustments later, I deemed the back too poofy and removed 2". Except I forgot that the back is cut on the fold and that I only needed to remove 1" from the actual pattern piece. I'm sure you can see where this is going...I ended up taking 4" off the back instead of 2". I didn't realize my mistake until I was half way done with the hem. By that point, everything was beautifully topstitched and I couldn't bring myself to rip everything out just to insert a new back bodice. The dress is beautiful (can't quite capture the color, it's chambray that I found at a thrift store in Seattle), but, sadly, too small. Maybe it will be my inspiration to lose weight (YEAH RIGHT).

For M6696 #2, I used this lovely burgundy Kaufamn dotted chambray. I also corrected the pattern, removing ONLY 2" of ease from the back bodice. Everything is hand stitched this time and for some reason, I decided not to do any top stitching, which I now (sorta) regret.

I also made two pairs of Carolyn pajamas. I made the first set for my sister so she could lounge around her new apartment in style. I made view B (long sleeves, long pants, piping) with Cotton and Steel's Homebody Tacks in teal. This was my first experience with piping, but certainly not my last. I'll definitely be investing in a piping foot, that's for sure. Sadly, I do not have a photo of the set. :(

The second pair is view C (short sleeves, shorts, piping) made from Cotton & Steel's Moonlit Tangrams in Navy (this is my favorite fabric). I tried getting these done in time for a trip to Atlanta and was a little sloppy with the construction. The top stitching is a little wonky and the piping looks a little crazy in places, but still wear them every night (and sometimes during the day). I have plans for at least two more pajama sets, but I have to stop and ask myself, how many pajama sets does a gal really need?

I've made a handful of other items, including a grey thermal long sleeve Lark Tee, dark grey Driftless Cardigan, and a handful of Greenwood tanks, but don't really feel like making separate posts for those, I've already done enough.

Last order of business before ending this post... we got a second cat! Her name is Moog and she's almost 8 months old (we name our pets after synthesizers #sorryimnotsorry). Here's a picture of her sitting like a human on a container of cotton balls:

Phhheeewww, that's it for now! Hopefully I'll be back this weekend with a MMM week 1 round up. Be sure to follow me on Instagram (downtheseams, duh)!

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